Commercial Use License

What is Commercial Use + Copyright

If image use is for the benefit of your business, ie  Will the images be used on your website? Will they be used for local flyers? Maybe they will be used in a full page ad in a national magazine? Whatever the case may be, if it's for business use and not to hang on your wall at home then the intended use is commercial.  

Except as permitted by the copyright law applicable to you, you may not reproduce or communicate any image, including downloadable files, without written permission of the copyright owner and or the purchase of a commercial license prior to image use.

The Australian Copyright Act allows certain uses of content from the internet without the copyright owner’s permission. This includes uses by educational institutions and by Commonwealth and State governments, provided fair compensation is paid. For more information, see and

What is a License

A license is an agreement between you and the photographer as to the usage rights that have been granted for particular image/s. It might help if you think of the license as a lease and the usage rights as the terms of that lease. When images are requested from a commercial client, the photographer is not selling their images to you, but rather, renting. The photographer may receive a payment  for their time to create the images and that is what their creative fee covers. However, because each commercial client is so unique and has such varying demands for images, its not possible to rely on a fixed rate creative fee to cover all these variable possibilities. Issuing a license allows you to “rent” images for the specific needs of your business.

So..... unless you can offer a fair trade like delivering an abundance of flowers (I LOVE FLOWERS!) styling my studio, perhaps offer a new stationary suite or packaging for my business, or provide regular haircuts (I NEED THOSE TOO!) ... you get the idea ....then chances are you may have to provide fair compensation for commercially used content :)

To request a license,  please complete and submit the form provided. 


To request a license,  please complete and submit the form provided. 

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